Haunted by on-line confessions, ranging from the trivial to the homicidal, and by a society obsessed with people changing their corporeal forms, Brynne Rebele-Henry’s Fleshgraphs is a multi-vocal manifesto of the body. Lyrical, experimental, satirical—these prose fragments enact a potent exploration of queerness, girlhood and illness against a backdrop of internet and rape culture.


Nightboat Books


Publication Date:
September 26, 2016

Publicity Contact @ Nightboat Books:
Stephen Motika at info@nightboat.org or 718-930-1062


Fleshgraphs Press


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Nightboat Books: Fleshgraphs Press Release

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A dazzling poetics of embodiment, Fleshgraphs bursts at the seams with gutsy life. These prose fragments—lyrical, brutal, often grotesque, and sometimes darkly comic—explore the interplay between language and the body. With unflinching vision, Brynne Rebele-Henry pulls us into the trenches of young womanhood and rape culture, examining a range of sexualities, evoking bodies both sadistic and vulnerable, bored and pining, weighted with mutable flesh and carved down to the gleaming bone.”


Julia Elliott



Brynne Rebele-Henry’s Fleshgraphs is a herd of glamorous alien anthems: melodies of violent sex tuned against a pedagogy of the body. This naughty band of stone songs ache for igneous holes to penetrate and the soft curves of rapture. Open up your wounded slits, Fleshgraphs will fulfill you; swallow its succulence.”


Lily Hoang